Promoting Inclusive History

Bengalis In London’s East End

Ullah, AA and Eversley J (2010) Bengalis in London’s East End Swadhinata Trust.

Eversley, J. (2007): Interview with Swadhinata Trust on Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets in the 1970s available at Swadhinata-Trust-Oral-History-Project.pdf

Walks and cycle route

John curated a series of walks – Snap Shots – for the Rich Mix Centre in Bethnal Green

Cycle route from Tower of London to Mulberry Place, Tower Hamlets

Bengali Heritage trail with Swadhinata Trust

Redbridge Health  History Walk

History Of General Practice


In 2011 John Eversley was commissioned to write a history of GP representation in the British Medical Association to celebrate the centenary of GP committees of the BMA . This was published as: Eversley, J (2012) Continuity in a Changing World – 100 years of GP representative bodies London BMA

Eversley J. (1997) The 1990 GP Contract in context in Ellis, N and Chisholm, J (Eds) Making Sense of the Red Book (3rd Edn). Radcliffe Medical Press

Emancipatory Psychiatry

Eversley, J. (2014) Is there an Emancipatory Psychiatry? In Moodley, R. and Ocampo, M. Critical Psychiatry and Psychology -Exploring the work of Suman Fernando in Clinical Practice. London: Routledge.

Refugee Doctors

Eversley, J (2008) Shabby Treatment [on the history of the treatment of Refugee Health Professionals] Jewish Socialist, Spring 2008. pp 18-19.

Winkelmann-Gleed, A & Eversley, J. (2004) Salt and Stairs: A history of Refugee Doctors in the UK and the story of Dr Hannah Hedwig Striesow in Refugee Doctors: Support, development and integration in the NHS Eds: Jackson, N. and Carter, Y.) Radcliffe Medical Press

Health Charges

Eversley, J. (2001) The History of NHS Charges. Contemporary British History Volume 15 Summer 2001, Number 2.

Eversley, J and Webster, C. (1997) Light on the Charge Brigade. Health Service Journal. 17 July 1997.

Internal Market

Eversley, J. (2003) Introductory Paper in Isom, M. and Kandhiah, M. [Eds] (2003) The origins and establishment of the internal market in the NHS. London ICBH

History of Community Development

Eversley, J. (December 2018) Social and Community Development -An Introduction London: MacMillan International Higher Education Link to publisher’s site

Eversley, J (2009) Direct Action and Grassroots Democracy – the legacy of Saul Alinsky Goldsmiths University of London, London Civic Forum and London Metropolitan University

Eversley, J. (2007) White Slavery – the continuing story [On the issues involving Jewish women at the beginning of the twentieth century] Jewish Socialist, Winter 2007. pp 18-19.

Eversley J. (1980) Review of Meller, H: the Ideal City – Canon Barnett & Patrick Geddes, London Journal  1980. Vol. 6. No. 1. p 81.

Trade Unions

Eversley, J et al. (1986) Black workers and Trade unions, SERTUC 1986.

Eversley, J and Jones, D. (1982) Co-ops and Trade Unions Tower Hamlets Trades Council, 1982.

National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum (2019) Research Report ‘Representing Invisible Histories’