Collaborative Projects

UNICEF Salahaddin University Hawler

In 2013 John Eversley was invited to be part of a team from Queen Mary University of London and Queen’s University Belfast to be part of a team funded by the British Council to help the Social Work Department  at Salahaddin University Hawler in the Kurdish region of Iraq, develop its research capacity.  He  later gave a presentation in Jordan on the project.

In 2013 -14 John Eversley  was recruited as consultant to  funded by UNICEF to advise the university on the development of the Social Work course. He made two trips to Kurdistan. He later gave a presentation at  an international conference held in Iraq on the project.

International Bar Association Darfur

Training Young People In Photography

Eamonn Burke-Duggan has  led a project training young people in photography for LB Camden  every year since xxxx.