Participation, Community Development, and Regeneration

Central to ppre’s work has been the idea that social change, public services design, delivery and evaluation  have to engage and involve the people whose lives will be most affected by them.  It is easy to say  but harder to do. The publications refect different approaches that have been taken.

There are  several key themes:

1. The history and theory behind community development (Eversley, 2018, 2009)

2. Community development with specific groups, especially refugees  (Eversley, 2004, Eversley  and Kassayie (Eds) 2002), the Bangladeshi  and Somali communities (Eversley, 2002, Eversley and Iman, 2002). Also in Eversley, 2014, John has addressed the role of community development in relation to mental health

3. Community development in specific contexts e.g. housing and regeneration   (Baine et al, 2005,  2001-4, 2002, Eversley, 2000) and situations of violent conflict (Eversley et al, 2022)

4. Work on the practice  and methods to bring about community and social change is in progress currently and will probably result in a book.


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